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BBU Power Cable for Huawei BBU5900 with HDEPC and EPC4 fast connector

Huawei BBU5900 Power cable with HDEPC and EPC4 fast connector, can be custom made according to customer’s drawing or sample.  HDEPC with 4 *2.5mm2 wires.

Feeder Buckle cable Grounding Kit With 3M Weatherproof Tape For 7/8” coax Cable

Coax cable Buckle grounding kit is compact design for outdoor fiber cable’s (corrugated, smooth copper / aluminum or braid) grounding. With Tinned copper strip & butyl seal, framework type grounding kit offers Quick installation, good waterproofing & cost efficiency.

Huawei 04047637VB jumper

Huawei original 04047637VB LMR195 jumper, 90 degree SMA male to N Female bulkhead connector

Power and Optical Cable Clamp for Optical Cable and RRU Power cable

The Power and Optical Cable Clamp with cushion inserts is a kind of combined fixture; it is mainly applied to communication cable, power cable and CPRI cable. The plastic cable clamp is made from polypropylene, and the rubber part has good aging resistance, both of them possess good impact resistance and chemical resistance, they can protect the cable effectively. The metal part is made of stainless steel, which possesses acid proof and high tenacity. By using the bolt to adjust the clamping force, it can prevent the cable to slide.