FTTx System for Hospitality Business

The development of a centralized communication system for service businesses can reduce system installation costs, reduce post-installation maintenance costs and support future technology developments. Can provide MATV system, Internet system, Telephone system on a single fiber optic cable and can also integrate other communication systems such as IP CCTV system, IP audio system.


Live Channel/Playback

  • Support HD/SD cable channel, satellite channel and hotel self-made channel broadcast
  • Support playback shifted live channel, shifting duration can be customized


  • Support up to 1080P/60Hz full HD video
  • Support hardware decoding, play HD videos smoothly
  • Classify movie files, convenient for selecting

Advertisement System—Value added Services

  • Hotel or hospital owners can set up advertisement business to increase revenues. 
  • Ad modes include booting ad, VOD ad, pictures and text ad etc

Mass HD Programs

  • Support 1080P/60Hz full HD video
  • Mass resource of Video on Demand including movies, entertainments, factual shows and etc

CAS (Conditional Access System)

  • Our conditional access system gives the customer choice over pay channels and which prevent unauthorized access.

PMS integration

  • Support IPTV system integrate with hotel PMS