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Fiber Optic Construction Tool Kit

This integrated tool kit applies for fiber optic cabling, telecom system maintenance, cable cut-connect operation. It gathers many kinds of hand tools, solve a variety of technical difficulties for fiber optic cable cutting/stripping/slitting/cleaning.

Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter

Specifications Material of Blade;High Carbon Steel      Material of Handle:PVC Product Type:Kevlar Cutter      Color:Orange Length:5.5” (140mm)      Weight:0.17Lbs (0.079kg)

Fiber Optical Slitter

The fiber optical slitter is designed for fast and precise jacket removal, and works well on round cables with diameters ranging from 4.5 to 25mm (0.18" to 0.98"). V-shape cable holder gives you a good operating experience. Convenient design, easy to use and force saving.

Fiber Optical Stripper with Three Holes

Fiber optical stripper is of high quality and easy for operation, which can help you work well in house working and project working. It is a small hand tool used by telecommunication and network technicians.

Fiber/Copper Connector Insertion & Extraction Tool for LC/SC/MU/MT-RJ/RJ45 Connectors

This insertion & extraction tool is perfect for inserting and extracting fiber or copper connectors in ultra high-density environment. The unique jaw of the tool is specially designed to easily navigate tight spaces and grasp connectors firmly without damaging them or touching any surrounding connectors. This tool is compatible with LC, SC (simplex/duplex), MU, MT-RJ, RJ45 and other similar type connectors.

FTTH Drop Cable Stripper Covered Wire Stripping Device

Specifications Body Material:Zinc Alloy      Handle Material:PVC Steel Blade:CR12      Color:Army Green Length:4.33″ (110mm)      Weight;0.34Lbs (0.154kg)

Longitudinal Cable Slitter PG-5

Specifications Material of Blade:Carbon Steel     Material of Handle:PVC Stripping Diameter:8-30mm     Cutting Depth:0-5mm Length:170mm     Weight:0.15kg