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1mW (5km) FVFL-204 Pen Shape Visual Fault Locator with Standard 2.5mm Universal Adapter

FVFL-204 Pen Shape Visual Fault Locator is a compact but powerful fiber optical cable test tool, with an output power up to 1mW, which can be used to locate sharp bends & breaks in jacket or bare fiber within 5km. It can also be applied to identify the connectors in patch panels and identify the fibers during splicing operation. The choice of a continuous wave output mode for steady fault illumination or a flashing output mode makes for easier fault location. Please note: Due to import restrictions on lasers, shipments will only be arranged for countries that allow imports.

Customized Single Mode Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Cable Box

An OTDR launch cable, which connects the OTDR to the link-under-test, discloses the insertion loss and reflectance of the near-end connection. It is often available on a small spool or within a “launch box”, which is used to create the proper conditions for testing another similar optical fiber for faults. This method avoids undesirable variations in loss and distance measurements. A launch fiber will help to overcome the blind spot or Dead Zone of an OTDR brought about by high launch power or faults near the launch end of the fiber.

Fiber Cleaver with Tungsten Steel Blade

Signal Fire Original Jilong High Precision Fiber Cleaver KL-23F with Tungsten Steel Blade

fiber fusion splicer machine with 4 motors

Jilong KL-280E fiber fusion splicer machine price heating fast Auto splice & auto heat function 4 motors

Fiber master OTDR

Product Features Long-haul network testing Access network testing FTTx/PON testing through splitters Compact, rugged, light weight 0.7kg 9. All new

Ftth Fiber Cable Tool Device – Fusion Splicing Machine

JiLong Factory price Ftth Fiber Cable Tool Device KL-520 fiber  Fusion Splicing Machine

Handheld Fiber Optical Light Source (1310/1550nm) with 2.5mm FC/SC Connector

FOLS-201 Handheld Fiber Optical Light Source (1310/1550nm) with 2.5mm FC/SC Connector

Handheld Optical Power Meter (-70~+10dBm) with 2.5mm FC/SC/ST Connector

Product Highlights Using Advanced Measurement Technology, Accurate to 0.01dB Membrane Touch Buttons Makes It More Durable and Easier to Store