Fibermann investment limited is a leading supplier of complete, high-performance Fiber Optical products. Our team of highly skilled experts is focused on the development and distribution of Premise Solution to the customers in Nigeria.

Our portfolio is among the industry extensive, keeping up of industry trends, including Fiber optic components, Fiber optic accessories to the whole fiber optic solution.

We leverage extensive preferred resources to meet customer needs on a local, regional and global level. AIDA offers well-established sales, product development, manufacturing and logistics resources in China. Our engineering, development and manufacturing capabilities are organized into three product divisions, all serviced by AIDA Global Sales and Marketing Division.

Interconnect Products Division: Develops and manufactures fiber optic components for a diverse range of applications. The division’s products include Fiber optic connectors, patch cords and adapters, attenuators, Couplers, PLC Splitters, etc.

Solution Products Division: Known for providing Fiber Optic Communication Solution in the world, the Solution Products division

focused on fiber accessories and systems, such as Fiber patch panel, Fiber termination box, Fiber distribution enclosure, Fiber optic splice closure, MPO system and FTTH solution products, etc.

FTTH Products Division: Professional providing FTTH Fiber Distribution product, include Flat drop cable, Fast Connector, Fiber Access Terminal box(FAT), Fiber Distribution box, Inline Splitter Enclosure, LGX High density Fiber Splicing frame, etc.