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The cabinets are original and come from Huawei, ZTE, and Ericsson
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Huawei ETP48200-B2A1 Embedded Switching Power

Huawei ETP48200-B2A1 is a Embedded Power Switching System With 48V30A R4830G1 Module. ETP48200-B2A1 embedded DC power supply system, realize AC input conversion to stable 48 V DC output, support 2 kW rectifier module, maximum output power 10 kW.

huaweiETP48600 Embedded Power

Embedded Power, ETP48600, 220/380Vac Three-Phase, Front inlet and outlet, 600A, Width 19 inch, Height 5U.

Huawei ETP48100-B1 Embedded Power Supply

Huawei ETP48100-B1 Embedded Communication Switching Power Supply 48V100A OLT AC to DC

huawei FCB outdoor cabinet

Huawei FCB cabinet,front and back door open

Huawei TP48200B-N20D4 Communication Switching Power Supply Cabinet

Huawei TP48200B-N20D4 cabinet is Communication Switching Power Supply Cabinet.

Huawei TP48600B-N16C1 indoor cabinet 

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huawei PM30K-V4S UPS

PM30K-V4S  UPS   Model NO. PM50K-V4S-01 Standby UPS Square Wave Output UPS Output Capacity Large Type Equipment Mode Decentralized Brand Emerson

ZTE ZXDU68 B301 Embedded DC Power

ZTE ZXDU68 B301 system is a 6U height, 19-inch width embedded DC power system. The system can provide power to -48 V series communication equipment. When fully configured, the system is equipped with six ZXD3000 rectifiers and can provide a rated output current of 300 A.

Huawei I23003G1 Inverter Module

Huawei I23003G1 is Inverter Module For Embedded Intelligent Magic Box Communication Switching Power Supply.

Huawei OPM30M AC Power Module

Huawei OPM30M is a AC Power Module With 4 DC Outputs-TDD-220V AC to 48V DC, for communication applicaiton.

Huawei Power Cube 1000 ICC330-H1-C5 Outdoor Cabinet

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DPD60-12-12 (DC Power Distribution Unit)

Item Specification Dimensions without packaging (H x W x D) [mm(in.)] 62.6 mm x 553 mm x 143.5 mm (2.16

Huawei OPM120 Power Module

Huawei OPM120 Power Module is a power supply for outdoor 5G RRU Antenna, with Output Power of DC 48V 6000W 110A.

Huawei APM5930(AC) Cabinet

Huawei APM5930(AC) is a Combined Communication Cabinet,  Equipped With EPU05A Communication Power System.

Huawei PAC-600WA-B 02310PMH

Huawei PAC-600WA-B  is 02310PMH 600W AC Power Module For S6720 Series Switch.

Huawei R4830G1 Power Rectifier Module 48V30A

Huawei R4830G1  is a High-Efficiency Power Rectifier Module of 48V30A, Compatible With ETP4860 ETP48200 Insert Frame System.

HUAWEI R48100G5 High-Power Power Module

Huawei R48100G5 for Hybrid Power PowerCube 1000 High Efficiency Rectifier Module 53.5V/57VDC Default Output.

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